Monday, November 2, 2009


Ahhh Lyrics. Not something I've had to worry about, seeing as how my first 2 albums have been instrumental - nd the first couple songs ive written for my upcoming album 'Approaching Normal' and the 'These Days EP' have come naturally...

This new song I am working on titled 'Hide Myself" (for now) is a song that I want to be one of the most meaningful and powerful on the album. the rough lyrics I used for the melody lines were OK, but a bit cheesy I suppose. I sent them over to Bernard at Outputnoise and said they needed some work.

The song is about winter. Not one of my favorite things in the world. Winter is a sad, depressing time for me regardless of the good things going on in my life. I just get into this funk, a RUT if you will, and can't seem to get out until spring.

This rut always has a negative impact on how I relate to people and how I treat them... Bad news bears. I think SADS (Season affective disorder, as the doctors like to call it) affects a lot of people. Why not write a song about it? Hah..

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